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I have developed this page with all of my favorite links for students, researchers, businesses, and anyone interested in having easy access to information about Egypt and the Middle East.

A free reference site containing articles and research I have conducted while pursuing my Master of Arts in Middle East Studies at the American University in Cairo. It contains links to the key sources of information, and news of relevant events.

Middle East Studies - Master of Arts at the American University in Cairo:

Fall 2004 : Here is what I've learned and researched, organized by class.
Middle East 
Political Economy

Dr. Hayat Alvi 
Business Management

Dr. Ashraf Seif Eldin 

Dr. Nelly Hanna
Human Rights in 
the Arab World

Dr. Mostafa 
& Negotiation

Dr. Harold Harlow 
Spring 2005: Here is what's up for next semester

Economic Development in the Middle East

Middle Eastern Societies and Cultures

Problems in Sociology & Anthrophology

Wandering Merchants: Trade in the Muslim World

Interdisciplinary Seminar

View Research Submissions from Other Students:

Middle East Politics - Maruta Harding

View Rotary Activities: Cairo Rotary Club Visits, Rotaract clothing distribution, Model United Nations Conference.


Egyptian Government Official Web Site - Free site with maps, information, tourist sites, and even a live TV broadcast.

World Bank Data on Egypt, Middle East & North Africa Data sheets with yearly population, economy, environment, education, and trade figures.

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Living in Egypt has made me aware of the importance of the region, especially the peaceful resolution of ongoing challenges in the Sudan, Iraq, Israel, and Palestine. The links on this site seek to address some of these issues, covering areas of business, economics, politics, war, international relations, and the environment. I welcome your feedback and/or criticism and request that you notify me by email if you would like to reproduce my writing in any format. Enjoy...
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