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Over the past three years, volunteers from four continents have supported the African Hope School for Sudanese refugees in Cairo, Egypt. With ambassadorial scholars representing Texas Rotary Clubs in District 5810 coordinating this effort, the Austin College Rotaract Club, scholars at the University of Warwick, and various donors have made a significant impact on this haven for Sudanese children. We generated financial support, collected various school materials, and provided excellent publicity for an important cause.

The statistics of 2002 show that there are 10,000 refugees living in Egypt (this does not include 70,000 Palestinians), and over two thirds of these are Sudanese. Most of these refugees are young people, who have escaped the hardships of war, torture and oppression. It is a joy to see the fruits of our labor - the school is in good financial condition, the facilities are greatly improved, and the academic training now meets, or exceeds, that of many other Egyptian schools. Dan Stoenescu and I are now both in Cairo and will work to identify the ongoing needs of this school.

Rotary Ambassadorial Challenge

The project is called “Ambassadorial Challenge 2004” and it is initiated and co-ordinated by the scholars themselves. The project’s location is Egypt, and the mission is to provide financial assistance to the African Hope School in Cairo, an educational institution for the Sudanese refugee children. The Rotary Ambassadors will organise fundraising events in District 1060 but also world wide, in their home countries. In addition to its magnificent past few Westerners realise that Egypt is a gateway to freedom for millions of refugees escaping the famine, repression and civil wars of the African continent.

Click here to see the project outline, generated last year by Dan Stoenescu - Austin College graduate, Ambassadorial Scholar, and a great friend of mine. Click here to see the site he created for the project.
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