Photos of My Apartment in Cairo
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My apartment is basic but the location is great and I'm comfortable here
Two beds, a closet, and a window with a view of...well, not too much
Somebody free Martha so she can come help me clean this thing!

My living room - thinking about visiting me here? Well, that blue thing is probably your bed then
The view from my bedroom window, looking out onto Sharia Bhustan
This is about as much of a Jardin as you can ask for in Egypt, but the courtyard does separate me from the craziness out there
I came out blazin' - scrubbing the floor, cleaning the sink. The next day, the toiliet upstairs started leaking through my ceiling. As they say, Welcome to Egypt


My Egypt Journals

November 7, 2004 - Happy Ramadan! Now that the weather is cooling off and some of Cairo’s 16M inhabitants are out of town visiting their families for Ramadan, life here in the big city is getting progressively more enjoyable. Ramadan brings a lot of other interesting aspects, as the whole Muslim population (~80% of population) fasts for the entire month. This means that they do not eat, drink fluids, or smoke (nothing can pass their lips) from around 4:30 am until ~5:30 pm.

In the spirit of things, I decided not to eat anything during the daytime either...
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