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'I am a student in the American University in Cairo.' Here are some details about my studies.

American University in Cairo

A large private university in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. I am pursuing a Master's Degree in Middle East Studies and hope to complete the two year program in ten months. A Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship Recipient, I am studying the economic, political, and cultural factors that impact relations with the region.

Undergraduate Degrees: Business Administration & International Relations

A small liberal arts college in Sherman, TX where I studied business and international relations, French and Spanish,  I became heavily involved in Student Assembly, the Leadership Institute and Model United Nations while spending two entire semesters and two summers abroad. Web Page
CISTERCIAN - I spent eight years at the Cistercian Preparatory School, studying in the rigorous honors program founded by a group of Cistercian monks from Hungary. Throughout my time at this all-boys school, I received excellent training, played sports year-round and developed lifelong friendships with my forty classmates that I will always appreciate. Web Page
If you are interested in a more detailed summary of my education and experiences, please feel free to click on the link to my resume.


Mike in Egypt

I am currently living in Egypt, enjoying a year of challenging studies and new adventures.

October 28, 2004. For one class, I’m taking a careful look at relative degrees of water scarcity in Egypt, the Sudan, and Israel and the impacts of future population growth in the region. The need to share resources between neighboring countries presents significant challenges to regional stability and as the problem of scarcity becomes more acute, the relative power structures between individual countries will likely be impacted as well.  I hope to shed some light on future power struggles while assessing these changes. 

Click here to see more about my classes for an M.A. in Middle East Studies.

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