The Sinai Peninsula
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I have spent two different weekends in Sinai, a historically significant peninsula, whose beaches are beautiful and the water hosts some of the worlds greatest coral reefs. On my first, I went with my host family from Rotary to their summer home on the west side of the peninsula, facing Egypt.

In October, I went with Joan to a beach resort in Dahab, Egypt. We learned to dive in sensationally clear waters, full of fish and coral. Not too shabby for beginners.
Hotel on beach in Dahab. Great architecture. Front door to coral reef - 100 meters.
Beach view from hotel. If you squint, the mountains in distance are firmly planted in Saudi Arabia.
You might be wondering if the absolutely had to build this bridge in my host family's resort - but I liked it anyway
Villas with this unique architectural style dot the entire cost
Flower lovers, this one is for you
Did the Romans really build these? I'm not so sure

These nice ladies weren't as surprised as I was to see this humped creature
This sunset is particularly cool - setting over the Egyptian mainland, across the Gulf of Suez


My Egypt Journals

Sinai, is the highly contested peninsula surrounded by Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea. Of course, getting there was an experience - the bus terminal certainly does not cater to foreigners and the lack of timetables and signage regarding what bus goes where made finding my bus rather interesting.

I ended up chasing after the last departure of the day and then discovered the least probable of all semblances of orderliness - assigned seats. Whowouldathunkit - of all things, they actually pay attention to seat numbers. Ah well, the bus ride took me out of Cairo, across the desert, and through a tunnel that goes under the Gulf of Suez. Since this crossing takes you from Africa into Asia, there was a casual id check and then I found myself - well, back in the desert.

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