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Greetings, Bienvenidos, Salut, Ahlen Wasahlen!
This site is for family, friends, and even complete strangers to see what's going on in my life. Click on the links to get around.
So I'm in Cairo, Egypt right now. Click here to see thumbnailed pictures of what it's like...
Thanks to Rotary, I have a complete fellowship for a year here. I am working to earn a Master's in Middle East Studies. Click here to see what kind of research I'm doing - Egypt, the Middle East, International Business, Economics, Sociology, Politics, and Arabic.
While in undergraduate at Austin College, I spent nearly two years abroad - Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Click here to see my old homepage with research on Mongolia, journeys through Argentina and El Salvador, and well, some peculiar cuisine...
Mike in Egypt

I am currently living in Egypt, enjoying a year of challenging studies and new adventures. I've posted a monthly journal and wil share my research as I progress through my first semester...

Click here to visit my journals page...
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