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I have had the opportunity to visit Rotary clubs in Cairo on several occasions as well as participate in local Rotaract activities. 
I also recently completed the Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN) Conference.  After preparing for this 
intense four day session since January, we represented individual countries in the UN Security Council, actively engaging in 
dialogue, negotiation, and compromise on various world events. 

The friendships I developed with the roughly 30 Egyptian students during these intense debates are valuable and the entire 
process was a marvelous intercultural communications experience.  Click on the following photos to see a larger image.

The requisite flag exchange at the Cairo River Nile Rotary club meeting I attended in October.
The Rotaract Mohandessin club members involved in the clothing drive.
Two women asking about the clothes at the Rotaract distribution drive on an island on the Nile in the outskirts of Cairo.
Cute girl at the same clothing drive.
The Oriental Hall at the American University where the Cairo Model United Nations was held in Early March.
Model UN conference, where I represented France in the Security Council Crisis Simulation.

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