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Written by: Maruta Herding: In: December, 2004
Urbanization and Informality: The Middle East and North Africa is a highly urbanized region with 55% of the population living in cities; only Latin America exceeds this rate by over 70%. Usually the population inhabits one or two big cities in a country; the most extreme example being Africa’s largest city, Cairo, (more...)
Globalisation and Development
A Compilation of Graduate Thesis Papers Sent to Publisher

Globalisation in the Middle East: Globalisation is a process that affects our everyday lives as it reshapes the world today. Accelerated development of productive forces, scientific and technological progress and intensive communication among states and peoples all combine with other forces to create this process. Globalisation has brought economic changes such as trade liberalisation and increasing currency trade, as well as a reduction in states’ power to control the flows of goods and services and maintain the binary walls that once signified unique national cultures.

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