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Below, I will list some samples of my writing to give an indication of the emphasis of my program of study.

A Critical Reaction of Coulson - Islamic Law

It is the weakness of the Islamic legal system that caused it to become progressively less effective at promoting the very ideals it was designed to safeguard. N. J. Coulson argues in his Doctrine and Practice in Islamic Law that there is a significant gap between the ideal and practical application of shari’a that caused this weakness. (more)

A Critical Reaction of Grunebaum - Caliphate:

Having observed the decline of the authority of the Caliphate, Grunebaum says that the Muslim state failed to achieve the expectations its members had during the golden age. However, what about the religion of Islam, as intended by the Prophet, demands that it evolve as a nation state, a complete societal umbrella for the whole Muslim community to live under? (more)



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