The Nile River and Great Pyramids
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I haven't had the luxury of traveling around Egypt much yet but there are enough amazing things close to the city to keep me occupied.
The Sphinx, me, and two pyramids outside of Cairo. Notice the African facial features. The nose fell off a few centuries ago - blame it on Napolean
How quick do you think the response time is for a camel-mounted officer? I mean, suppose you wanted to steal the great pyramid...
So the Nile is source of life in Egypt - 97% of all water consumed flows here from the Sudan, Ethiopia, et al. Background buildings are in a suburb, called Maadi.
In the outskirts of Cairo, you can still see boatmen pulling reeds out of the river. This is the river view from the Mohamed Ali club, where I've spent a few afternoons swimming and enjoying the sun.
The clubhouse of the M. Ali club. The owner is an Egyptian historian and the detailed woodwork in this style of architecture is great
Here's my buddy Andrew, near downtown, with the Nile behind him. The tower is on a big island in the middle of the river and the city goes for an hour in every direction. I live a few hundred meters away.


My Egypt Journals

October 28, 2004. For one class, I’m taking a careful look at relative degrees of water scarcity in Egypt, the Sudan, and Israel and the impacts of future population growth in the region. The need to share resources between neighboring countries presents significant challenges to regional stability and as the problem of scarcity becomes more acute, the relative power structures between individual countries will likely be impacted as well.  I hope to shed some light on future power struggles while assessing these changes. 

The greatest thing about all of this is that...

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